El Pari | Event Series Campaign
The first "Pari" | Made for the "Toca Madera" video release at El Local, Santurce
Then whe made "El Pari 2". This time at a bigger venue called La Respuesta, Santurce.
Thanksgiving "Pari" | Our biggest yet, we added live bands.
San Valentines "Pari" | Djs, love, the end.

El PARI | Digital Campaign

A series of events with live music and djs from the independent scene of Puerto Rico.

We started this project as a single event for the "Toca Madera" video release, but then the concept was well received, we got excited and started doing some more. The best part, was creating the digital campaigns to get people to come, and we are happy to say, we achieved it.

Creative Director / Screenwriter

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